Complain all you want about it, Twitter’s 140-character limit is its unfair advantage. It’s constraint based creative communication at its best. Here are five reasons written using fewer than 140 characters, each.

  1. Immediacy. Being short means tweets are fast to compose issue, read and pass long.
  2. Focus. Having too much space means people try to fill it with unnecessary details.
  3. Brevity. Some people just need to be forced to cut themselves off.
  4. Un-Facebook. Twitter is not Facebook. They both have their roles. 140 is Twitter’s unfair advantage.
  5. Outcomes. 140 facilitates quick delivery of customer service, fact-checking, crowdsourcing and more.

There’s a reason Twitter is THE platform for breaking news, humanitarian coordination, and urgent real-time communication… and zingers.

The infographic is also available as a high-quality PDF.

5 reasons Twitter's 140 character limit is great