Bob Goyetche was a new media pioneer. He was Canada’s fourth podcaster (probably one of the first 100 in the world) and he played a major role in building a tightly-connected community of passionate podcasters, starting with Canada and spreading around the world. When he died on November 10 at a mere 47 years of age, he left behind an indelible mark so uniquely Bob.

Today is the sixth Canadian National Day of Podcasting (CNDOP). It’s the first of these annual events on which I’m publishing a show without Bob. This year I am honoured to publish a show about my dear friend and long-time collaborator, and the connection we all shared with him. You’ll hear 36 audio comments, part of a chat I had with Cathy (Bob’s wife), a few clips from Bob’s podcasting archives, a small selection of podsafe songs Bob liked, a song Bob wrote and recorded for a podcast song challenge, and a song sung by 49 members of the community for Bob’s 40th birthday, all strung together with the eulogy I delivered at Bob’s memorial service.

Reunion boat cruise and celebration of Bob’s life

There will be a PAB reunion cruise and “Bob Mob” Hob Nob in Kingston, Ontario (the original home of the Podcasters Across Borders conference) on May 27, 2017.



This podcast is not safe for work!

And it’s a little longer than a typical podcast (an hour and 45 minutes).

AUDIO COMMENTERS in order of appearance and accompanied by the podcast or activity they are mostly commonly associated in this community: Cathy Bobcowicz (Catfish Show), Tod Maffin (How to Do Stuff), Nico Pin (logo creator extraordinaire), Maureen Blaseckie (Baba’s Beach), Mark Blaseckie (Baba’s Beach), Melinda Mason (My Marilyn), Sean McGaughey (Duct Tape Guy), Shane Potvin (Shane & Tom’s Squeezebox), Tom Lucier (Shane & Tom’s Squeezebox), Neil Gorman (Comicology), Valerie Hunter (Valerie in Toronto: Description), Connie Crosby (Community Divas), Dave Delaney (Two Boobs & A Baby), Bruce Murray (Zedcast), Morrie Johnson (surrogate Canadian), Chris Brogan (PodCamp), Whitney Hoffman (LD Podcast), CC Chapman (Accident Hash), Adele McAlear (PodCamp Montreal), Jay Moonah (Music Marketing), Andy Bilodeau (AndyCast), Vivian Vasquez (CLIP Podcast), Andrea Ross (Just One More Book),
Michael Musiel (Virtual Yooper), Julien Smith (In Over Your Head), Daniele Rossi (Stuttering is Cool), Donna Papacosta (Trafcom News Podcast), Tim Coyne (The Hollywood Podcast), Sylvain Grand’maison (Le Québec en Baladodiffusion), Dave Brodbeck (Broca’s Area), Anthony Marco (LoveHateThings), Stevie Z (The Sieve), Bill Deys (DeysCast), Doug Slater (Slug is Doug), John Meadows (On the Log), Ken Bole (Dicks N’ Janes).

PODCASTS clipped in this tribute in order of first appearance in this podcast: The Catfish Show, Bob and AJ, Mostly Tunes, On The Log, Canadian Podcast Buffet, BobStuph, Zedcast, Marshall McLuhan Variety Hour.

SONGS featured in this podcast: Down (Matt Osborne), One Night in Kingston (Bruce Murray), Don’t Admit (Uncle Seth), Day 4 (Christa Couture), Bridge (Bob Goyetche), Father Robert (49 Voices), Auld Lang Syne (The Rogic Singers).

Father Robert lyric sheets and liner notes (PDF).

Featured photo: The Whole Gang, a PAB2006 “family photo”, uploaded to Flickr by Bob Goyetche.