Part of following a digital conversation means going wherever the conversation goes. While RSS is a great tool for that, closed systems such as Facebook still require a login to see what’s going on inside.

Last night I was introduced to For the time being I’ll call it a social media aggregator. It does the legwork for you by trolling the various social media sites for the activities of your community (based on email addresses) and organizes the information for you. Spokeo pulls activity from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc… You can add websites and blog URLs to the list and organize the information in groups, by user and even drag and drop user-related resources into your own structure.  It’s the flexibility and ease of organization that makes spokeo a unique and powerful tool in this space.

As with any digital tool, there are many opportunities for unscupulous use. For community-minded individuals that live in Web2.0, Spokeo is an invaluable tool.

If they could only build in trending…