An email titled “Academically Famous” arrived in my inbox on June 8. It was from Tamara Small, a University of Guelph Assistant Professor. We’ve exchanged emails a few times, mostly around the time of the 2011 federal election. This time Ms. Small emailed to let me know my research and commentary on the use of digital in the federal election had been cited in two books.

Mary Francoli, Josh Greenberg and Christopher Waddell mentioned me in their essay The Campaign in the Digital Media (The Canadian Federal Election of 2011, edited by Pammett and Dornan). They quote an op-ed piece I wrote for the Ottawa Citizen, This is not the ‘Twitter Election’.

My research and several of my blog posts are cited in the David Taras and Christopher Waddell essay The 2011 Federal Election and the Transformation of Canadian Media and Politics (How Canadians Communicate IV: Media and Politics, edited by Taras and Waddell).

I ordered the books a few weeks ago. They arrived yesterday.