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An Archive install fixed my AirPort WWAN Support Update problems

It wasn’t fun. However, my MacBook Pro is networked, again, after all of the WWAN support update 1.0 stability-related issues. My AirPort is rock solid, again. How? These are the steps I followed:

  • Backed up my data — by the way, unlike PC, Mac overwrites old backups with new ones, deleting files from the backup destination if they no longer exist on the source. Be sure to do a complete backup to a fresh destination.
  • Made sure I have a lot of disk space. I think I needed about 10Gb.
  • Booted my computer from the installation CDs and did an Archive install, preserving user preferences. Note, this also saves all of your installed applications except the ones that are dependent on some kernel components (e.g. Parliant’s Phone Valet).
  • Rebooted my computer.
  • Used a wired connection (because my AirPort was not working), to be able to download and install the first wave of software updates.
  • Reset the password of my wireless network.
  • Hey! Finally! A wireless connection that restores itself from sleep!
  • Used the AirPort connection to install the second wave up software updates — UNCHECKED THE APPLE WWAN SUPPORT UPDATE 1.0 AND AIRPORT EXTREME UPDATES.
  • Copied back files I had to delete for space.
  • Confirmed everything is working.
  • Removed the Archived System folder.

This took me about four hours to figure out and complete – the longest piece being the archive installation from CDs. Thanks a million to Maurizio Ortolani for all of his help and patience.

I have confirmed with Apple that there is no way to permanently ignore any software updates. The tech told me that doing so would require Apple to rewrite the server application that serves the updates. I argue that it can be a software setting on the Mac (e.g. ignore this update) – just don’t mess with my AirPort anymore.


About the Author:

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  • spaguy

    The latest update broke my Wifi too the (002) update. It appears in the Apple Forums, that those with Dl-624 and a few Berkley models of Routers with WPA encryption have the most problems. Turning WPA off or dropping to WEP 64bit usually fixes the broken connection. Should we have to drop our security or Apple make us another patch quick!
    This repair does not work for me on my WPA encryption network it only works with security off. Same thing logs in to network. Pops up the window- “There was an error joining the Airport network “my network name here”. Then offers Try again or OK, click OK then after a few seconds the Airport signal strength fades away. The only way it will login in is if I turn WPA off in my Dl-624 router.

  • Bob Goyetche

    I almost hate to say this, but tonight I applied all the updates on my MBP Core2Duo… Everything is still working fine.

    I have a Netgear router though.. maybe that’s the difference..

  • Dave Brodbeck

    Linksys here and an airport express as a repeater, no probs with the update.

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  • Jason Weida

    Same issue here. D-link WBR-2010, my network stopped working several hours after I installed the AirPort Extreme update. I was able to use WPA2 Security on my router and editing my network connection in Network Settings accordingly. This re-established my wireless connection, and I still have security on my WAP. I don’t know if it is the different security mode, or the fact that I changed it, either way, I’m back up and running for now.

  • Dave Brodbeck

    Linksys here and an airport express as a repeater, no probs with the update.