It started shortly after 9am. Emails, tweets and direct messages from people eager to draw my attention to what turned out to be an epic day in Canadian politics. The issue that started the day? Tom Flanagan, former adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was the star of a video in which he seemed to stand with child pornographers. Oops. It’s been a costly day for him.

I haven’t done a complete analysis of the traffic. However, to fulfill an apparent curiosity by many political junkies, I ran a cursory analysis using Sysomos MAP.

As of 5pmET today, 9,613 Twitter users issued 18,656 tweets tagged with #cdnpoli. Of those, 1,491 users mentioned Mr. Flanagan in 3,544 tweets. Within Canada, 2,120 users mentioned Mr. Flanagan in 5,565 tweets (including those tagged with #cdnpoli).

Globally, including all Twitter accounts on which the users have not configured their location, 17,429 users issued 28,153 tweets which include the word Flanagan. While that number includes unrelated mentions, I’d wager a significant majority are specifically related to Mr. Flanagan’s remarks.

These two word clouds highlight of terms you’re likely to see if you decide to read the tweets. The first word cloud is based on tweets tagged with #cdnpoli. The second is all Canadian tweets mentioning Tom Flanagan which include those which aren’t tagged #cdnpoli.


Analysis performed using Marketwire/Sysomos MAP.