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The singularity that is Podcasting

Over beers last evening, Arthur Masters (Ottawa Local Podcast) and I talked about Marshal McLuhan. We agreed (and maybe it was the beer talking) that Podcasting is the realization of McLuhan's famous quote "the medium is the message". It is true that Podcasts can be...

Defining the Podcaster

The most polarized debates in this community erupt at the first mention of "monetizing" Podcasts. Paul Colligan has recently published some articles entitled The Duality that is Podcasting (part 1, part 2) in which he proposes that there are two types of Podcasters:...

Make your own Barenaked Ladies mashup

The Barenaked Ladies have released the bed tracks for their latest single, Easy, on the BNL MySpace page and they are encouraging everyone to make their own mashups using the tracks provided.  Check out their latest Podcast for more information.

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