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Redesigning politics and public affairs

I found myself leafing through some cookbooks at a bookstore, recently. The pages were laid out beautifully. Large photos showcased amazing results. On the opposite page, a simple list of ingredients, concise procedures and estimated times made the entire activity...

Conference Saturdays: Weird, or just different?

Each story can be viewed from multiple vantage points. The same is true of places, events and ideas. And, our individual biases rooted in culture and personal interests can impact our ability to see things from another point of view. Which makes this TED Talk by Derek...

#cdnpoli week in review

#cdnpoli week in review

The following is an excerpt from today's edition of the Digital Public Affairs newsletter, issued this morning. Subscribe for free to receive additional insight into digital public affairs, and a look at the role digital is playing in the Canadian political and public...

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