December 1 has been selected as the one-time, no-money-down, officially-unofficial Canadian National Day of Podcasting. The idea is to have every Canadian podcaster (particularly those who have retired or otherwise killed their podcast) since the dawn of the medium dust off their gear and resurrect their show for a one-off episode in the style they made their own. Oh… and you don’t need to make a big deal of it. That is, don’t acknowledge why you’re producing the show (the Canadian National Day of Podcasting), just do it.

So, come on Bruce Murray, James Whittingham, Dave and Isabelle, Dave and Heather, Craig Newell, John Bignell, Anthony the Progressive Rev (wherever you are), Daryl Cognito, Ajay, Sonya Buyting, Andy Bilodeau, Arthur Masters, Ted Riecken, Bob and AJ, Bob, Bob and Cat, Jay Moonah, Jay Moonah again, Jay Moonah yet again, Julien Smith, and others… join in on the celebration of great Canadian-produced content. And, if you know a Canadian podcaster who’s faded into the Intertubes, let them know to join in as well. Let’s make this the best ‘virtual reunion festival’ ever.

By the way, December 1 also happens to be the fifth anniversary of the Canadian Podcast Buffet.