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Canadian National Day of Podcasting

December 1 has been selected as the one-time, no money down officially unofficial Canadian National Day of Podcasting. The idea is to have every Canadian podcaster, particularly those who have retired or otherwise killed their podcast, from all time will dust off their gear and show to produce a one-off episode in the style they made their own. Oh… and you don’t need to make a big deal of it. That is, don’t acknowledge why you’re producing the show (the Canadian National Day of Podcasting), just do it.

So, come on Bruce Murray, James Whittingham, Dave and Isabelle, Dave and Heather, Craig Newell, John Bignell, Anthony the Progressive Rev (wherever you are), Daryl Cognito, Ajay, Sonya Buyting, Andy Bilodeau, Arthur Masters, Ted Riecken, Bob and AJ, Bob, Bob and Cat, Jay Moonah, Jay Moonah again, Jay Moonah yet again, Julien Smith, and others… join in on the celebration of great Canadian-produced content. And, if you know a Canadian podcaster who’s faded into the Intertubes, let them know to join in as well. Let’s make this the best ‘virtual reunion festival’ ever.

By the way, December 1 also happens to be the fifth anniversary of the Canadian Podcast Buffet.


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Mark Blevis is a digital public affairs strategist and President of, an integrated digital communications, public affairs and research company. His work focuses on the role of digital tools and culture on issues and reputation management. He also leads research into how Canadian opinions are shaped through online content and interactions.
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  • Mark

    I don’t know if I was clear enough that participation does not mean a re-committing to routine production. This is a one-of festival-like reunion.nnIf you know any Canadian podcasters who are AWOL, please encourage them to participate.

  • Writerpatrick

    There’s a lot of podcasters who may be still podcasting but have retired older shows. I haven’t touched Podcast Ping ( in almost a year but I have been working on Blue Hot Gossip ( there going to be some site promoting these shows? Or better yet, will iTunes be promoting it?n

  • Mark

    So the idea is to resurrect Podcast Ping for the one day and make it part of this reunion. The Canadian Podcast Buffet will be the main site to promote and report on this. We’ll probably have to do something on as well.nnThanks for the idea about iTunes. I have a contact there and will let them know. It will help if we know there’s a force behind this. Tell everyone and have them let us know so we can pass that information along.

  • Writerpatrick

    I’ll probably be doing episodes for both shows. Although with Blue Hot Gossip it likely will mean the show I would have put out in November will be held off on until Dec. 1st.

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  • JohnnyLeCanuck

    Even though we have release 25 shows since the beginning of our 3 season this september, we decided to release a Special Edition How-To Podcast show with special honours to Leslie Neilsen, have a listen over at nnPlease let us know if it helps or gave you any insight.

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