I brought my MacBook Pro to an authorized Mac service depot to upgrade my internal drive from an 80Gb/5400rpm drive to a 200Gb/7200rpm drive. The service I arranged included a cloning of the data of my existing drive to the new drive so that, other than the sudden increase in available disk space and speed, I would notice no difference.

That was the theory.

As I understand it, the technician used Migration Assistant, a data transfer tool that comes with the Tiger operating system. The process resulted in a new user path on my drive which broke all of the application and data hooks. My environment was a disaster. With the exception of Address Book, all of my applications crashed and reported errors when I started them. I was unable to save data to certain directories in my user environment because I apparently had insufficient privileges. I tried everything I could to fix the environment, drawing on my Unix experience. Nothing worked. Thankfully I still had the original drive in an external chassis and figured out that I could boot to that as an alternative.

By the time 11pm rolled around, I was at my wit’s end. That’s when I took one last look online and discovered Carbon Copy, a shareware tool by Bombich Software that claims to offer the “absolutely best fidelity in the industry“. I rebooted to my original drive, downloaded and installed Carbon Copy and started a drive-to-drive clone of my data. At 1:00am, about 25% into the transfer process, I decided to go to bed.

About twenty minutes ago I bolted out of bed and ran to my computer. Carbon Copy reported that it had done its job and I rebooted to my new internal drive. Sweet success! My system is just as it was before the upgrade, only with a larger and faster drive. All of my applications load, all of my data is accessible and I have privileges to my user environment.

Thank you Carbon Copy!!! A donation has been made.