I typically provide a #cdnpoli week-in-review in my newsletter. However, my analysis wasn’t complete when I had to issue this week’s edition. So, I’m providing this week’s highlights in this post, instead. What follows is a summary of #cdnpoli activity for November 2 through 8. The analysis was performed using Marketwire/Sysomos Heartbeat.

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  • #cdnpoli tweets: 48,419 (up 3.9% from 46,591 last week)
  • Unique sources: 12,134 (up 10.5% from 10,982 last week)
  • Top 3 tweeters production: 3,570 tweets (7.3% of overall #cdnpoli traffic)

Top six issues

  1. FIPA (holds at #1, second week)
  2. Election (up from #4, Oil and the NGP down to #5)
  3. India trade trip (enters at #3, Economy down to #4)
  4. Economy (down from #3, Election up to #2)
  5. Oil and the NGP (down from #2, displaces Taxes)
  6. Forces personnel and Remembrance (enters at #5, displaces Crime)

Note that Election was dominated by tweets about the November 6 US election. However, the tally includes a small number of tweets related to the robocall scandal, Minister Penashue’s election spending/flights and the upcoming byelections.

The percentages presented in the graph above indicate the share of the volume of the top-six issues occupied by each individual issue.

Most popular tweet

Honourable mention tweet (second-most popular)

Analysis performed using Marketwire/Sysomos Heartbeat.

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