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Changing my game

It was a surprisingly short wait to get my iPad on Friday.

I had prepared myself for the possibility the Rideau Centre Apple store would be sold out by the time I arrived. Though, I had also built up my excitement to get an iPad on launch day – a first time, first day adopter, cementing my place in the Cult of Apple.

I practiced discipline when I arrived at the office. It wasn’t until the second wave of colleagues came in to my office to admire the shrink-wrapped box that I decided to open it among friends. We were all spellbound. Even more surprising is that I spent very little time with it over the weekend (I spent most of my weekend away from digital lifestyle).

As little time as I spent on it, I can honestly say this… the iPad is an incredible piece of technology and it will go almost everywhere I go. I can see that it will play an important role in productivity and creativity. And while I, like many others, wonder why it doesn’t have a camera or the ability to annotate books (among other things), I’m impressed by the display, interface and even the on-screen keyboard!

The iPad is easy to use, fast and powerful, and there’s almost no limit to the applications available for both work and play. It will definitely change my game.


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Mark Blevis is a digital public affairs strategist and President of, an integrated digital communications, public affairs and research company. His work focuses on the role of digital tools and culture on issues and reputation management. He also leads research into how Canadian opinions are shaped through online content and interactions.
  • Bryan Person

    Mark: I've had an iPad for about 3 weeks now, and I'm loving it, too! Surprisingly, what I enjoy most is plopping down in the couch on the couch with it in the morning (like I'm doing now) and catching up on my RSS feeds. I'm using an app called NewsRack, which pulls in all my subscriptions from Google Reader. The app is actually MORE efficient than GR for going through feeds, and posts with images and video feel more intimate.

    For productivity purposes, I'm not fully on board yet, but I'm working on it. This coming weekend I'm heading to Toronto, and I'll be leaving the MacBook Pro in my home office. This will be the ultimate test of the devil as a true Road Warrior.

    Looking forward to your continued insights with the iPad, Mark!

    (Comment typed on the iPad)

  • Mark

    Fantastic recommendation, Bryan. I downloaded it last night and instantly discovered why you like it. I'll probably pull together a post about my favourite apps in the very near future. This might become one of them.

  • mlevison

    Interesting – I'm still bothered by Apple getting to decide what I can and can't do with any device I buy. I'm hoping that the Android tablet's will be innovative enough to make me want to jump.

    Perfect for me would a tablet that worked well for random note taking.

  • Mark

    On some level, I understand people being worked up about what a device allows them to or impairs them from doing. And, I also understand that people see Apple as being arrogant for calling the shots. However, Apple is one of (if not) the most innovative design company in the world. They apply that leadership to technology and create solutions for problems people never realized they had.

    So, I have to admit, I'm a convert. I guess when you're as good as Apple, you can be arrogant.