Most of us had never met before 6pm when the Ottawa Web Weekend kicked off. It was a fast paced introduction, though. By the time 10pm rolled around, we had introduced ourselves, shared ideas for web products, debated the ideas and finally picked one to work on as a team this weekend.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a web weekend brings together a group of people of all backgrounds and interests to start a new company. This weekend’s participants includes design, development, marketing, business and legal professionals. As of this evening, we’re all partners in a new company. The depth of our partnership is dependent on the contribution of the individuals as measured in hours. By the time we wrapped up this evening, we had finalized a product that we will design and develop, and plan a marketing strategy for over the course of two twelve hour days.

The Ottawa Web Weekend is being held at the site of the future collaborative co-working space, The Code Factory. The facility is in its final stages of construction and it looks great. The rental rate is right and I expect I’ll take advantage of the space and the opportunity to network in it.

I can see how this kind of weekend can be hard on psyches. I can also see the potential of this weekend to cement strong friendships, explore new ideas and collaborate on something we can all be proud of. I’m in it for the latter. And, based on what I experienced this evening, I am part of a very strong team.