I met Brandon Wint in October 2011. It was at TEDxOttawa where he was scheduled to speak that afternoon. I didn’t make it through the morning program. It wasn’t the strong program I expect from a TEDx event, so Andrea and I left. As it turns out, Brandon captured the room.

I’ve run in to Brandon on a few occasions since. The most serendipitous meeting took place in May, just weeks before PAB2012 and with a vacancy in the speaking program for that event. It was the day of the Great Glebe Garage Sale and Brandon was performing his slam poetry on a stage in front of his house. I scrawled a note for him inviting him to speak at PAB. He accepted a few days later.

This 10-minute video features excerpts from Brandon’s 40-minute session on creativity, his creative process and the relationship between creativity and life.