The University of Ottawa Torys Technology Law Speaker Series will be hosting a panel discussion on copyright law, fair dealing and fair use for the documentary film community next week.

One specific sentence in the session description caught my eye:

If properly implemented in practice, the fair dealing doctrine can facilitate access to the raw materials creators need to make documentary films while fulfilling their own reasonable requirements for copyright protection.

It sounds like it will be an incredibly informative event featuring panelists Peter Jaszi and Sean Flynn from Washington College of Law, Tina Hahn from the Documentary Organization of Canada, and David Fewer and Jeremy de Beer from the University of Ottawa.

I’m sure the discussion will have relevance to those in social media as much as it will for traditional filmmakers.

RSVP to or on the Copyright Culture and Documentary Films event page on Facebook.

For more information, visit the University of Ottawa’s Law and Technology Faculty website,
the Law and Technology at uOttawa Facebook group or the website for this panel,