Klout.com is a bit of a controversial service among social media analysts. It uses some fancy math to evaluate the level of influence a social media participant has based on the level of output, engagement and mentions by others. An overall Klout score is assigned, rating the individual out of 100.

Tony Clement has long been a “rock star” of the Conservative caucus. His Twitter participation is legendary — both the highs and the lows. In addition to his humourous re-tweetable tweets, Minister Clement is an active participant in the online conversation. His current Klout score is 57 which is something of a high-water mark among the MP set.

But… what’s this? Wait a minute!

In a stunning about face, Vic Toews has surged past Tony Clement with almost no effort. That’s right. Vic Toews who tweets very little (and when he does it’s very messagy-broadcasty) has a Klout score of 65, up from 43 just two days ago.


Well, Mr. Toews’ Twitter account has been mentioned in nearly 17,000 tweets over the last three days and has apparently picked up 1,800 new Twitter followers in the same period of time.

What does this mean?

Well, it means Klout’s algorithms probably need some refinement. And, Vic Toews is still not Tony Clement.