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Interview with C.C. Chapman

Podcasting pioneer C.C. Chapman will be in Ottawa on December 8 to kick off the tour for his first book, Content Rules which he co-wrote with Marketing Prof Ann Handley. Specifically, CC will be the featured speaker of Social Media Breakfast Ottawa #20 (register...

You’ve got a great voice (So much to give)

In 2007, Mitch Joel put out a call for a stinger for a regular segment of his Six Pixels of Separation podcast. He claimed he was looking for a Paul Shaffer like R&B piece. I loved the idea and decided to take a crack at hit. I had a bunch of ideas in my head and...

Terry O’Reilly and Mike Tennant

Those who think radio is lifeless and uninteresting, probably haven't heard the voice of Terry O'Reilly. He's an advertising guy in Toronto, Canada and we won't hold either of those facts against him. He's also the co-creator and host of an insightful and entertaining...

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