The annual Manning Centre Conference (MNC2014) is taking place at the Ottawa Conference Centre this weekend. It will be my second year covering this conference.

Last year I published four posts. Among them are two audio podcasts: one with Preston Manning on social media in politics, issue campaigns and making sure the right message is presented the right way on the most effective channel(s); and another with Hollywood filmmaker and conservative blogger Bill Whittle, who spoke passionately about having a clear message.

Digital is taking a much more prominent role in the MNC2014 speaking program and breakout sessions. Last year there was only one session scheduled which specifically covered digital (which featured Victory Lab author Sasha Issenberg). This year, attendees are being forced to decide between concurrent digital sessions (among other non-digital sessions) which cover or are likely to cover digital, several times each day of the conference.

These digitally-minded decisions include the following competing sessions:

  • From Railways to the Digital Highway vs. An Introduction to NationBuilder
  • The Future of Political Training in Canada vs. Case studies in democratic innovation using technology
  • The journalists’ perspective vs. An Introduction to NationBuilder
  • Grassroots mobilization using social media and new technology vs. Advanced targeting techniques: Using data to reach your voters

I’ll be blogging about the conference tomorrow and Saturday. Look for some podcasts as well.

I’ll also be covering the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit, taking place March 28-30 at the Delta Ottawa City Centre. The speaking program for that conference has not yet been published.