When I last played in a band with Robert Farrell, I never really considered my role as part of the sound of the band.  Now, 12-years later, I find myself thinking more about the sound I contribute to the band following our “reunion” earlier this week.  That’s probably why I brought my 5-string Waterstone bass to that first rehearsal.  I didn’t think the 5-string would go over well.  As it turns out, the bass, not just the extra string, played a role in making a few songs sound a lot stronger.

I reflected on that after rehearsal, wondering if my Waterstone would displace my Precision Special as my primary instrument.  A few hours later Robert called me basically suggesting that the Waterstone become my main bass.  That has me thinking even more about ways I can adapt some songs and tweak my effect chain (perhaps some octave) to create a unique sound for myself.

If you want to learn more about Waterstone guitars and basses, check out an interview I did with Waterstone founder (and Neurosurgeon by day), Dr. Bob Singer, a few years back for my Electric Sky podcast.

Thank you, Dr. Bob, for an amazing bass!

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