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Going up: effective elevator pitches

Franklin Holtforster of MHPM (Many Happy Projects Managed) delivered a fantastic keynote at #2012Leap. While his thoughts on leadership were interesting, I was particularly intrigued by how he crafted elevator pitches. In fact, his focus on the importance of effective communication skills as the foundation of effective leadership goes against the common view of engineers as dry technical folk. I suggested he should brand himself a Communication and Leadership Engineer.

Franklin, Lea Werthman and I connected at the post-conference reception and talked about elevator pitches. Our conversation addressed the fact that some elevator pitches might be directed at people whom we hold in esteem, or may be full-fledged celebrities.

Have a listen to the attached file to hear what we talked about.

Photo: Elevator Shaft, New York, NY uploaded to Flickr by Grufnik


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  • Lea Werthman

    Mark, thanks for this – it was great speaking with you and Franklin last February. I have been quoting Franklin liberally since then, and this was a great reminder of why I found him so inspiring.