I’m in the process of pulling together a documentary on the role social media played in Hélène Campbell‘s efforts to raise awareness of organ donation. In this clip, Hélène explains the importance of individuals, each individual, in making change. (Full disclosure: I’m an advisor as part of Hélène’s team.)


Even before he tweeted online registrations went up by three hundred percent. That’s a fact Trillium told us. And that was for me, just, Wow! We don’t even need to reach out to a celebrity.

Sure it helps with worldwide attention. The fact that just, people being aware, jumping on board have registered online — that’s fascinating.

Use of social media without reaching out to someone, just all these people trying to reach to one, to reach to many more, those people is how news got spread. They registered as well.

So that was for me… even if he hadn’t tweeted, even if one person had registered because of that,
it’s amazing.