Conservative MP and party leadership candidate Kellie Leitch released a bizarre video this week. Content notwithstanding, the video comes across an awkward and overreaching attempt to present Ms. Leitch as spontaneous and relatable.

It failed.

Videos like Ms. Leitch’s make great case studies on how not to do political communication. The list of issues includes awkward camera movement, jarring edits, uncomfortable pauses, disturbing glances away from and directly at the camera, and more. Further, analysis of online mentions and video view counts confirms that the popularity of a video does not necessarily suggest support for the politician. Clearly the 43,498 views of Ms. Leitch’s video (as of this writing) reflects traffic driven by “viral” and often humourous criticism — just as a social media mocking and media criticism drove interest in Liberal candidate Ron Planche’s 2015 campaign video.

Both videos are embedded in this post and should serve as required viewing for all political and public affairs communicators.