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Unwrapping my iPhoneThree years ago, I proudly announced to everyone who asked that I did not own an iPod, nor did I intend to ever own one. I was a supporter of the underdog, the iRiver, thank you very much.

In August 2006, I realized that interface and integration was everything and bought a Video iPod.

There was balance in my life, though. I was still a PC user and, while the idea of owning a Mac was appealing, I was more than happy with my HP Pavillion laptop.

In September 2006, my laptop was stolen during a break-in at our home. That next week I replaced my HP with a MacBook Pro. While I still use PCs, I must admit that computing is more fun on the Mac.

Yesterday, after a frustrating run trying to get my Blackberry to sync properly with my Mac, I received and unwrapped (those of you with one will know that the packaging is a huge part of the experience) an iPhone.

Convergence is a good thing. For the first time, when I leave the house with my portable media player, personal data assistant and portable phone, I’ll carry only one thing.


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  • steve garfield

    Congratulations on getting the iPhone…

    One thing, back up your Macbook Pro with SuperDuper!

    I had lots of reliability problems with my last Macbook Pro.

  • Mark

    Thanks, Steve!

    SuperDuper over Carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine?

  • jaywest

    Congratulations. Welcome aboard…

  • jaywest

    Congratulations. Welcome aboard…