Not surprisingly, a significant majority of Idle No More tweets came from Canada. In fact, Canada accounted for 79% of all chatter, followed by the United States (16%). The remainder of international mentions combined for 6% of all traffic.


The following table shows the top-10 countries leading in the “other” countries slice.

Country Percent of ‘other’
United Kingdom 32%
Australia 18%
Egypt 6%
Finland 6%
Antarctica 4%
Mexico 4%
New Zealand 4%
France 3%
Papua New Guinea 3%
Spain 3%

The following global heat map shows from where tweets originate, illustrating that the Idle No More movement attracted international interest. The more dense the concentration of issued tweets, the larger the red dot.


Index of my Idle No More at two months analysis series:

I conducted analysis using Marketwire/Sysomos Heartbeat and MAP, and a custom tool I’m having developed which I call Compass.

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