Daryl Cognito (Poddog Show) has brought Tariff No. 22 to my attention. It’s part of a document that was released on May 20, 2006 by the Copyright Board. Tariff No. 22 deals specifically with COMMUNICATIONS OF MUSICAL WORKS VIA THE INTERNET OR SIMILAR TRANSMISSION FACILITIES.

A quick read through suggests that there will be a minimum monthly fee of $200 for online services that allow users to “select and listen to, reproduce for later listening, or both listen to and reproduce for later listening, a musical work or part of a musical work”. The tariff appears to allow the service to play all covered musical works “as often as desired in 2007”.

In an effort to figure out more about the scope of the tariff and what it means to Podcasters, I’ve sent an email to a few experts in this area. I will keep you posted.