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iPhone delays could be about Rogers support

NYC 303 Skeleton on cell phone - pasteup photo by watzTry as I might, I have not been able to sync my Blackberry’s calendar with my computer for over a week. I’ve even wiped my Blackberry clean and started fresh.

Accepting defeat, I decided it was time to call Rogers Wireless for some help and just like it was seven and eight months ago (see here and here) Rogers is experiencing higher than normal call volumes. This time the wait is reportedly in excess of thirty-five minutes so customer service has actually continued its disintegration.

Perhaps the delay in bringing the iPhone to the Rogers network has to do with Apple’s concern about the inadequate customer service.

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  • Derek K. Miller

    Check out this saga of trying to get Rogers support online.

  • Maurizio

    Try dialing the Rogers Mobile Data Centre directly:
    Cellular Inquiries (within Canada) 1-800-565-6009
    Cellular Inquiries (outside Canada) 1-877-764-3772

  • Mark

    Thanks, Maurizio. The number you gave me puts me in the same queue. So, I decided to wait. The wait ended up being much shorter than the reported 35 minutes.

    It turns out that Rogers doesn’t support the PocketMac SyncManager, though they DO support the Desktop Manager. I asked if I’m paying the same amount for support as the PC users are and the technician said yes. So I asked why they don’t support or offer a discount to Mac users. His response was ‘We’re only tech support and we aren’t trained on PocketMac SyncManager but you do have to pay the same monthly fee for your device and service as the PC users who we support.’


  • Maurizio

    I don’t think the delay is over Rogers customer service, otherwise there’s no way Apple would have gone with AT&T in the US. ‘Fact is, the iPhone is a GSM phone, and now that Rogers owns Fido, they’re the only game in town.

    I think the delay is over the fact that Rogers doesn’t want to offer Apple flat data packages for iPhone customers like in the US. Greed not horrible customer service is holding up a deal.

    On the subject of sync software: Have you tried Missing Sync for Blackberry to sync your Mac and phone? I use Missing Sync for Palm with my Treo, and love it.

  • Mark

    True enough. I’m just bitter that Rogers has decided to not support the Mac market.

    I haven’t tried missing Sync. Blackberry seems to have endorsed the PocketMac Sync Manager so I went with that. It may be time to try Missing Sync.

  • daryl cognito

    Mark, markspace’s missing sync is a must have. I like my blackberry, but the pocketmac makes puppies cry. the 40 bones I spent on missing sync pays for it’s self everyday.

    As for the iphone and Roger. I’ll say it here, the iphone will not come to canada. I won’t speculate as to why Roger’s and apple won’t play nice, but the iphone will not land in canada.

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