Last week I received a series of emails from Glenn Gaudet of  Each email was specific to a different podcast that I produce.  I followed the link to one of my podcasts on their site and found six sizable advertisements flashing around a small window containing episodes of my podcast.

I was more than a bit put off to discover that is making money from my creative work, particularly since my podcast web site indicates that the content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-a-like license.  They never once notified me that they had attached advertising to my podcast and never offered to share the revenue with me.

I emailed Glenn to ask him to remove the advertising from my page.  He replied saying that he can’t remove the advertising so he’s removing my podcast.  I followed up by suggesting that it’s incumbent upon him to check all podcasts that he’s listing on his service to be sure that he’s not violating any other Creative Commons licenses (or All Rights Reserved licenses for that matter).