In case you missed it, I had four media hits this week.


CBC The National

2015 election leaders’ debate: social media reacts
CBC’s The National interviewed me for the analyst’s point of view of the role of social media surrounding the leaders’ debate. We had a fascinating conversation about the maturing of social media and the teams that use various platforms to great effect for research, communication and engagement. In the end, they used a five-second clip of me comparing the volume of activity during the two hours of Thursday’s debate to the 24 hours of May 2, 2011 (voting day for the last federal election).



CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Debate online: a look behind social media
CTV Ottawa’s Morning Live program had me as a guest to discuss the some of the analysis I did of Twitter activity surrounding the federal leaders’ debate that took place Thursday evening. The chat is very much focused on data and trends, not the impact of social media on the political discourse.



CBC online

Justin Trudeau takes Twitter and Google; Stephen Harper remains Facebook champ
CBC’s online team wrote a piece that drew on the interview I did with Carolyn Dunn of The National (see above). They pulled in an additional quote from me to add insight into the role of Twitter.



Ottawa Citizen

How Ottawa Connects: The police officer
I’m writing a series of columns for the Ottawa Citizen on how individuals are using social media to humanize digital communications. It’s a series that continues telling some of the stories and passing along lessons and best practices featured in the book I co-authored with Tod Maffin, TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization (Dundurn, 2014). The first instalment of the series was published on Thursday and features Ottawa Police Officer, Constable Peter McKenna.