Last week I looked at some of the Twitter accounts most actively contributing to the online chatter about the federal election. The intent was to build a profile of some of most active election tweeters, identify who’s following them and how their updates fan out the conversation beyond the political epicentre. Note that numbers provided in this analysis were captured when the analysis was performed.

So, how many campaigns did this exercise in an effort to identify who to engage and in what way to have the greatest online impact?


Prog_blog is clearly a bot (piece of software which automates the creation of Twitter traffic). Where some bots look for keywords in tweets issued by others then, like spam, reply to those tweets with auto generated content typically meant to sell a product or service, this particular bot aggregates links to participating blogs and Twitter accounts and rebroadcasts them in an effort to increase attention. Because this is a bot, it contributes to the traffic (or ‘noise) about the election, rather than participates in the larger discussion about the election.

  • Account created: April 1, 2010
  • Name: Progressive Bloggers
  • Location: Canada
  • URL:
  • Tweets: 40,320 (~104 tweets per day)
  • Following: 0
  • Followers: 407
  • Description: Progressive Bloggers – The progressive Canadian blogging aggregate.

This word cloud generated from text in the bios of the 407 followers shows that the people most interested in this account are interested in or connected with Canadian politics.


Marie Gregoire is a partisan conservative blogger who aims to share what she believes is the truth in a sea of media bias. The tone occasionally ventures into the extremely anti-Liberal, anti-NDP.

  • Account created: February 24, 2010
  • Name: Marie Gregoire
  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • URL: n/a
  • Tweets: 5,132 (~12 tweets per day)
  • Following: 885
  • Followers: 392
  • Description: Retired writer,research analyst,PR,Canadian Catholic Conservative Gramma,interestsSeniors&disabled issues,crime prevention,fighting media bias.

This word cloud generated from text in the bios of the 392 followers shows that the people most interested in Ms. Gregoire’s tweets describe themselves as being conservative, interested in politics and have some interest in the news.


While anonymous in identity, I_LUVTO is clearly managed by a real human. The tone is partisan Liberal and at times extremely anti-Conservative, anti-Harper, and even ventures into anti-NDP.

  • Account created: October 16, 2010
  • Name: I_LUVTO
  • Location: Toronto
  • URL: n/a
  • Tweets: 9,538 (~51 tweets per day)
  • Following: 1,341
  • Followers: 1,033
  • Description: Living in the T.O #ifollowback Vote Liberal.

This word cloud generated from text in the bios of the 1,033 followers shows that the people most interested in I_LUVTO’s tweets are mostly Toronto-based with an interest in politics and news.


While many of the tweets offer links to news reports on a variety of election and political issues, Tom Fleming’s tweets suggest an anti-Conservative point of view and a focus on healthcare.

  • Account created: March 17, 2009
  • Name: Tom Flemming
  • Location: Hamilton, ON
  • URL:
  • Tweets: 21,305 (~28 tweets per day)
  • Following: 392
  • Followers: 889
  • Description: Formerly a health sciences librarian at McMaster University (ON) and at Dalhousie University (NS) in Canada.

This word cloud generated from text in the bios of the 889 followers shows that a different audience is getting exposed to the election discourse. We see that the people most interested in Tom Flemming’s tweets align themselves with health, libraries, Canada and news issues. Politics and other interests figure less prominently.


Clearly Liberal, Susan has been an active participant in the online dialog (not just publishing fresh content, but engaging in the conversation with others).  She has a very respectable and engaged following.

  • Account created: March 11, 2009
  • Name: Susan
  • Location: Alberta
  • URL: n/a
  • Tweets: 36,256 (~47 tweets per day)
  • Following: 1,740
  • Followers: 1,515
  • Description: Formerly Yticilef; Greening our cities; politics, photography, teaching, and animals. Reading. Math, puzzles. Tweeting til Harper’s gone.

This word cloud generated from text in the bios of the 1,515 followers illustrates a much more broad and far-reaching community of followers. Specifically, we see people who identify themselves with marketing being more central than those in politics. We also see business playing a larger part in her community.


Let’s add to the mix someone who works in media and has a respected history in politics. Among his tweets, Mr. Spector challenges the media take and poses questions meant to get people thinking rather than strictly feeding the core of the issue to them.

  • Account created: ¬†December 31, 2010
  • Name: Norman Spector
  • Location: Victoria, BC
  • URL:
  • Tweets: 6,418 (~57 tweets per day)
  • Following: 99
  • Followers: 2,099
  • Description: Globe/Le Devoir truant PhD–lapsed DM, PMO Chief of Staff, ambassador, publisher, academic–reads between the lines (and the lies) of politicians and the media.

This word cloud generated from text in the bios of the 2,099 followers shows Mr. Spector’s followers are connected with Canadian politics first, with news, writers, journalists and communications folks figuring into his community as well.


Revealing himself to be anti-Conservative, Joe participates in the conversation with his large community in addition to offering fresh content including links to news articles and online media.

  • Account created: October 17, 2007
  • Name: Joe Vass
  • Location: Kelowna, BC
  • URL:
  • Tweets: 23,609 (~18 tweets per day)
  • Following: 14,769
  • Followers: 13,592
  • Description: YOLO-You Only Live Once! We film/photograph; travel, destinations, nature, wildlife, events and so much more. We are New Media/YouTube specialists; visit us!

The word cloud generated from text in the bios of the 13,592 followers shows Mr. Vass’ followers work in marketing (likely skewing towards online/digital marketing) with additional prominent interests in business, travel and life.