When the Government was dissolved, we no longer had MPs. They became political candidates. As a result, 60 of the 171 Tweeting 40th Parliament MPs found themselves with account names identifying them as MPs — Twitter handles they could no longer use (36 Conservative, 18 Liberal, 6 NDP).

Fortunately, Twitter allows account owners to rename their existing Twitter handles without losing existing followers and Tweet history. On the other hand, it means a re-branding and re-education exercise. It also means every existing web link to their MP-identified Twitter handles are now broken.

Some have changed their account names including high profile Tweeter Tony Clement (was tonyclement_mp, now tonyclement_cpc). However, some accounts like those of Ed Holder (edholdermp) and Siobhan Coady (siobhancoadymp) still sport their 40th Parliament credentials. Linda Duncan added a 4 in her existing Twitter handle (was lindaduncanmp, now lindaduncan4mp) which means she’ll need to re-re-brand and re-re-educate after the election.

This situation is not exclusive to Twitter. YouTube accounts are also affected. Siobhan Coady posted a new video to her YouTube channel, SiobhanCoadyMP, on Saturday.

So, this may be the election that forces politicians to think more strategically about their online brand, digital footprint and how the pieces are connected to their political careers.

Here’s a list of affected Twitter accounts.


  • MP_RonaAmbrose
  • SArmstrongMP
  • KellyBlockMP
  • loisbrownmp
  • blainecalkinsmp
  • Rob_Clarke_MP
  • tonyclement_mp
  • mpdeandelmastro
  • dianefinleymp
  • GalipeauMP
  • ShellyGloverMP
  • GaryGoodyearMP
  • mplauriehawn
  • RandyHobackMP
  • edholdermp
  • RandyKampMP
  • GeraldKeddyMP
  • MinJK
  • mpPeterKent
  • GregKerrMP
  • MikeLakeMP
  • jlunney_mp
  • davemackenziemp
  • mpjamesmoore
  • RobMoore_MP
  • LaVarMP
  • WildRoseMPBlake
  • AndrewSaxtonMP
  • AndrewScheerMP
  • DevinderShoryMP
  • mpVicToews
  • timuppal_mp
  • MPMikeWallace
  • mpmarkwarawa
  • WoodworthMP
  • MPLynneYelich


  • scottandrewsmp
  • NavdeepBainsMP
  • siobhancoadymp
  • MPRubyDhalla
  • MPMarcGarneau
  • markhollandmp
  • mpandrewkania
  • GKennedyMP
  • keithmartinmp
  • JohnMcCallumMP
  • honjohnmckaymp
  • ShawnMurphyMP
  • bobraeMP
  • MikeSavageMP
  • ScarpaleggiaMP
  • MarioSilvaMP
  • MPScottSimms
  • paulszabomp


  • CharlieAngusMP
  • chrischarltonmp
  • lindaduncanmp
  • MPJulian
  • BrianMasseMP
  • JohnRaffertyMP