It’s been a while since I’ve shared a list of tools I use regularly. So, here are my What’s Hot and What’s Not lists.

What’s Hot (alphabetical list)

  • Delicious (online service with mobile app) – I’m back to using Delicious for curating links and articles. For a while this social bookmarking site looked like it might disappear. It hung in, though, and seems stronger now. They recently released a nice app for the iPhone. An iPad version would be nice.
  • FreshBooks (online service with mobile app)- Freshbooks has replaced Billings as my time-tracking and invoicing software of choice. Besides being easy to use, it’s a Canadian company. It’s fair to say there are a few important features missing. However, the design of the website and mobile app are fantastic and customer service is outstanding. They really listen!
  • Hootsuite (online service with mobile app) – Hootsuite is my digital dashboard on my laptop, iPhone and iPad. I admit I exploit only a handful of its amazing features. I use it for a variety of activities, both professional and personal. Another great Canadian success story!
  • Reeder (iOS app) – I use the iOS version of Reeder on both my iPhone and iPad to stay on top of my news and blog sources. It allows me to post article to Delicious directly from the app. I rarely tweet from the app since it doesn’t allow me to schedule the tweets or shorten the URLs using, my preferred URL shortener (see Hootsuite, above). I considered the desktop app and decided against it since I’m just as happy using Chrome, the Add to Delicious bookmarklet and the Hootsuite Hootlet.
  • Sysomos (online service) – Sysomos is my professional co-pilot. I use both Heartbeat and MAP for client work and related research many hours each day. As a bonus, Sysomos is Canadian.
  • TextGrabber + Translator (iOS app) – I went from manually transcribing references I wanted to keep from books I read, to dictating them to my smartphone to, at the suggestion of Andrea (who had teased me for the dictating) using TextGrabber to scan and OCR what I wanted to keep. TextGrabber is surprisingly accurate and amazingly handy.

 What’s Not

  • Livescribe (hardware and software) – I used to be the undisputed champion of Livescribe technology. I raved about the pens. Countless people asked me about them and subsequently bought their own pens. Alas, the company let their Echo series and Desktop software decay, a fact told to me on the phone by customer service, and they’ve given no indication a solution is in the development plans. Farewell.

Photo: Swiss Army Knife uploaded to Flickr by AJC1.