Social media has brought about a number of buzzwords, expressions and ideas. I’ll spare you (and me) the list. However, a new one occurred to me the other day during a lecture I attended. The presenter talked about nanotechnology. I was struck by the idea of nanocommunication which I decided would be the hundreds and even thousands of gestures, acts, interactions and words we use that collectively contribute to the whole of communication and relationships — and, for the benefit of social media folk, engagement and community.

It turns out nanocommunication as an idea has been around for a long time. Engineering folk use the term nanocommunication to describe other scientific innovations. There’s even a paper offering the “Ten Commandments” of Nano-Communication which addresses the idea of public perception, using protests against the us of nano-fibers by Eddie Bauer in their Nanotex line.

For me, it’s the perfect word to describe the ingredients that makes successful and engaging online communities.