Running an online campaign of any sort, information, political, advocacy, has typically meant involving experienced software coders and web designers to thread together a number of components from a variety of sources (open source and commercial) to make a cohesive and interconnected digital ecosystem which can achieve results.

While that’s still possible (and there are some people with the necessary skills who create amazing technological solutions), new tools exist which boast the integrated communication, engagement and activation features necessary to increase a campaign team’s chances at success.

NationBuilder is among the most powerful, most affordable, and most scalable digital public affairs tools. [Disclosure: It’s a tool that plays an important role in online advocacy work we offer at]

I had dinner with Mike Moschella and Edward Rawlinson, both of NationBuilder, while they were in Ottawa to show their wares at the Manning Centre’s sixth annual Networking Conference. We spoke about the power of NationBuilder and the role it’s playing transforming electoral and advocacy outcomes.