Two worlds collided for me today when Arrested Development was thrust into centre stage of Canadian politics. And, while part of me pumped my fist with enthusiasm, a larger part of me cringed.

In case you haven’t heard, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair used a quintessential Arrested Development reference in Question Period today when he asked Prime Minister Harper if missing money was “in the banana stand.”

But it’s all in the delivery. And true Arrested Development fans know Mulcair made a huge mistake. In what was clearly a scripted reference which reminded me of the Bob Newhart Lincoln sketch (“just do the piece the way Charlie wrote it”), Mulcair raced over the reference with arms flapping as though had no clue why he was being forced to do this thing. He apparently didn’t realize it would get him so much attention.

Besides the pacing, Mr. Mulcair, his coach, or both, missed a golden opportunity by leaving out the all important sideways delivery and “click, click.”

See for yourself. First Mr. Mulcair…

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…and now our beloved Bluth…

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