We’re just seven days away from the seventh and final edition of PAB, the conference formerly known as Podcasters Across Borders (imagine an audio recorder with a squiggle through it). Despite its strong roots in podcasting, the conference hasn’t been specifically about the audio arts since 2007. PAB has evolved into a conference about content creation, audience engagement and community building. Really, it’s a conference for creative people looking to share their passions online.

The program is rock solid. Don’t forget to REGISTER.

Friday, June 8
7:30pm Kick-off
7:45pm Keynote (Scott Florence)

Saturday, June 9
8:30am Registration
8:50am Day 2 opening remarks
9:00am Brainfueled: How the f*** I got creative (Sylvain Grand’maison)
9:40am Black and White. Well, not Exactly. (Robin Browne) — 5 min JOLT
10:00am Using the Tools of Journalism to Create Better Content (Bob Ledrew)
10:40am Out (Bill Deys) — 5 min JOLT
11:00am Maximizing Your Social Media ROI *no, not the douchebaggy kind (Rob Lee)
11:40am Who the Hell do You Think You’re Talking to? (Maureen Blaseckie) — 5 min JOLT
11:45am LUNCH
1:00pm Poetry: what exactly am I writing? (Brandon Wint)
1:40pm Making Things (Paul Lyzun) — 5 min JOLT
2:00pm Geek Girl Tells All: How I Ended Up Exactly Where I Was Meant to Be (Connie Crosby)
2:40pm Would You Fight a Lion?  (Neil Gorman) — 5 min JOLT
3:00pm Once a Mistake, Twice an Arrangement, Three Times is Jazz (Anthony Marco)
3:40pm It Ain’t the Stars that Shine so Bright (Scarborough Dude) — 5 min JOLT
3:45pm Day 2 wrap-up and group photo — Please be sure to attend!

Sunday, June 10
10:00am A PAB Retrospective: why it was relevant then, why it remains relevant (Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis)
12:00pm Conference wrap-up

Please note that these speakers are scheduled to appear, the final presentations may change due to events beyond our control.

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