Peace, Order and Googleable Government

Peace, Order and Googleable Government 2014
2014 was an evolutionary year for Canadian MP participation in social media. There was only a slight uptick in activity and a very subtle shift toward more relatable content and engagement. This will probably change during the election year, 2015.

Peace, Order and Googleable Government 2013
Canadian MPs are becoming more creative and active on social media, particularly on Twitter and Facebook.

Peace, Order and Googleable Government 2011
This edition provides a glimpse into how Canadian MPs are slowly adopting seven major social networking tools to communicate and build relationships with Canadians.

House of Tweets: Twitter and the House of Commons (February 2010)
This represents my first look at the make up of the House of Commons based on active use of Twitter by MPs. House of Tweets identifies which MPs are applying their innate network building skills to social networks and what our federal politicians can do to become more engaged with their constituents.

If our Government was determined by the distribution of actively Twittering MPs, the House of Commons would be a very different place. The Liberals would have a very tenuous minority, a small group of MPs would be engaged in the debate while others called out every now and then, and one would be repeating a lot of what was being said.