I’ve done a lot of analysis of the most actively discussed issues as part of the online chatter about the Ontario election. What about some of the lesser talked-about issues?

I should clarify that there are certainly issues that received even less online attention during the election than those I’ve identified below. I had to make some judgement calls on how low I would go when I first established my monitoring structure. So, of the 29 issues I tracked with Sysomos Heartbeat during the election, the following were the least represented:

  1. rural (2,213 mentions)
  2. first nations (1,079 mentions)
  3. mental health (1,016 mentions)
  4. insurance (645 mentions)
  5. accountability (542 mentions)
  6. pension (482 mentions)

The gender splits in these conversations are more balanced than typically observed in most online political analysis. You might recall from earlier posts that gender is identified in two ways. The first is through disclosure in social media profiles (something not everyone does, which presents a significant challenge). The other is through determining gender by analyzing the account holder’s name where gender can be credibly determined by the name (which depends on people creating profiles with human names). I’d like the sample sizes to be larger, but I can only capture what’s available.

Interesting to note that accountability, despite being second from last among tracked issue, resonated more with women than men.

More to come…