There are an incredible number of tools that analyze Twitter data in interesting ways. introduced me to one such tool the other day. It’s called and it was created to quantify the impact of a particular Twitter stream should you choose to follow that particular user.

Not surprisingly, legendary Twitter community builder Chris Brogan (who in recent days has averaged 35.39 tweets/day) and Canadian political journalist Kady O’Malley (with her recent average of 23.87 tweets/day) have been rated as having Nuclear follow costs.

Discoveries like this lock you to your keyboard for hours. I started plugging other friends’ accounts into the tool: knealemann (63.72, Nuclear), suzemuse (99.85, Nuclear)… My recent average of 6.17/day is unworthy of special categorization by the tool. Meh.

That got me thinking about our Canadian politicians since I’m currently doing research on their use of social media. Thirty four of our federal MPs have earned Golden ratings by the tool including James Moore, Patrick Brown, Carolyn Bennett, Geoff Regan, John Rafferty and Glenn Thibeault.

Daryl Kramp was singled out by FollowCost as being an @aholic for his recent 65% @ reply kick. Stephen Woodworth earned a golden rating though his stream has recently boasted a full 75% @ replies on an average of 16.74 tweets/day.

Denis Coderre gets the lone Nuclear rating for the House of Commons, granted his recent average of 62.33 tweets/day pales in comparison to some of those listed above and other political journalists I won’t mention. No doubt you’ll find them out quickly enough.

Photo: Thumbs up uploaded to Flickr by Dirk Gently.