The biggest challenge facing those delivering a digital session at a political conference is that one hour is a finite amount of time to speak to an audience with knowledge and skills spanning “I’ve heard of it” to “I live my life in the details of it.”

Which brings me to this morning at the MNC2015, this year’s instalment of the annual conference run by the Manning Centre. Facebook’s Katie Harbath and Kevin Chan had one hour to deliver their “How Facebook can help power your campaign” session. They managed to deliver a little bit for everyone.

For the newcomers, they introduced the distinction between Facebook Profiles and Fan Pages (highlighting under which conditions you would use one or the other) and explained that mobile is no longer a nice-to-have. In fact, Facebook and Instagram account for the consumption of more mobile minutes than most other social media platforms combined.

For the intermediates, they offered some Canadian-specific data (20M Canadians actively use their accounts each month), and reinforced the importance of publishing compelling content since “you’re” competing with everybody else publishing to FB.

They also shared that the video sweet spot is 15 seconds. Yes. Fifteen seconds is a safe duration for communicating a message in a video posted to FB, largely due to the trend to watch video content on a mobile device (“Besides, Who has a [40 minute] attention span any more?) Content should be for your point of view, rather that from the point of view of the mass.

With one billion (yes, billion with a ‘b’) video views per day, Facebook is becoming an increasingly important video distribution network.

For the immersed, they shared that the organically successful posts are the posts you want to put some money into (not the ones that aren’t doing so well). Most FB users are on the site between 9pm-10pm (Yes. PM, not AM). Many Fan Page administrators don’t pay attention (enough) to their Insights data showing when their fans are on the site. There is also Insights information for videos showing when during the video do you lose viewers, the average view duration and how many make it to three, and how many to the 95% mark.

Another great suggestion is to dispense with bilingual posts or parallel public posts. Instead, use targeting to publish English posts to English fans and French posts to French fans.

Just on more thing… Katie reported Facebook is increasingly becoming a platform-of-choice for breaking news. I’ve always known breaking news to find its way to Facebook. However, I’m not convinced that news is breaking on Facebook as much as Facebook becomes another platform over which breaking news is promoted. Call me crazy… I think Twitter is still where it’s at when it comes to the spread and amplification of breaking news.

Facebook recently launched its Canadian Government and Politics on Facebook page. I ‘Liked’ it.