Industry Minister James Moore spoke passionately about nationbuilding at MNC2014, this morning. He drew a parallel between the building of Canada’s national railway to the role of the Internet in closing the distance between Canadians.

While the analogy is strong in the way it ties together communities and commerce, the Internet introduces a variety of additional nuances which Minister Moore brought forward for the audience. He talked about the need to ensure access to high-speed bandwidth across the country and to connect the country wirelessly, opportunities to develop ecommerce and healthcare support, moving toward digital government and the preservation of Canadian stories.

The Minister highlighted some well-known stories such as those of Terry Fox and Rick Hansen, and other less known stories of Canadian servicemen of the last century, and otherwise unknown Canadians. On the point of Canada’s history, he said “Canadian history is not dead; it is dormant,” and then itemized some projects which are capturing stories and preserving them before they’re lost.

Minister Moore noted he has unique perspective given his previous portfolio of Heritage Minister and his current of Industry Minister. He offered that achieving seemingly lofty goals depends on effective federal policy on the digital economy, a policy that endeavours to unite Canadians. Like te railway.