Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  You’ve just finished an interview, shut off your gear and packed it away while you’re still talking to your guest when you realize that what’s being said is fascinating and should be heard by others.

That’s precisely what happened to me when I sat down with Artist/Illustrator Raul Colón at AJL09 a few weeks ago.  So, I unpacked my audio gear, reconnected it all, pressed record and held the microphone up to Raul and basically re-created the conversation we’d just had — and it was just as interesting the second go ’round.

If you work or play in a creative space, you should hear what Raul has to say about arming yourself with inspiration and exercising your creative muscles.

MORE RAUL COLON:  Click here to listen to Raul Colón talk about illustrating the intersection of two lives in one event, getting excited about a book project and striking the balance between fact and fantasy.