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Reflections on my first week with an iPhone

I joined the legions of enthusiastic iPhone owners last week when I powered-up my brand new smartphone.  This week I join the chorus of iPhone owners who wonder about how, in entering the smartphone market with a much anticipated product, Apple went so far without going the distance.

  • No way to Copy/Cut/Paste  – Probably the best known of the iPhone’s shortcomings is the absence of functionality that’s so basic and expected, it’s analogous to having a laptop permanently fixed to a desk.
  • Notes that don’t synchronize – The Notes interface in the iPhone is great.  Somehow, Apple overlooked the ability to synchronize Notes with Stickies on Mac computers.
  • To-do list… where is it? – This one is also shocking.  It’s a smartphone and PDA and (forget synchronizing) there’s no application to track to-do lists.

I had a Palm Pilot some time ago.  It was a fraction of the appliance the iPhone is and still managed to have the core features of a basic PDA.  I hope that Apple addresses these gaps, soon, or that the community steps up and covers for Apple.

All that said, I love my iPhone.  I find the interface to be second-to-none and I’m grateful to be able to synchronize it with my Mac (something that my Blackberry gave me grief with).  Knowing that the three issues I identified are probably only software issues, I’m confident that they can be addressed in an upgrade.

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  • daryl cognito

    These short coming are bit surprising but I don’t think that apple originally thought of this as a smart phone, it was an ipod that was a phone. Not a pda, not a smartphone. I think as the device evolves these things might be added but maybe not. Apple seems to be making products that function only enough to purchase more products. It astounds me that the iphone can’t sync podcasts OTA. It’s great for buying cellular minutes and bandwidth, or songs from the itunes store. It’s the only phone that runs OSX, no it doesn’t if it did then I would be able to instal the full itunes program and sync my podcasts. I love Apple’s products for now, but I fear that their future product’s functionality will be limited with out buying additional “services”.