To whom it may concern:

We first started shopping at your Glebe store 15 years ago. At the time it was Berry’s and on Second Avenue. Our neighbour recommended the store and key staff in it when we brought home our first dog. We quickly learned the recommended people knew a lot more than how to stock shelves and ring sales. They were generous with their depth of knowledge and had a passion for creating a community.

Over the years we’ve received phenomenal advice and support from those same people. They’ve served as surrogate physicians and often helped us save hundreds of dollars in vet bills because of their deep knowledge not just of animals but of our pets. Our family, and others I’ve spoken to, would often decide to ‘come another time’ when we arrived at the store and discovered our trusted advisors were on lunch or enjoying a day off.

It was exciting when Pet Valu bought and relocated Berry’s to a new and larger location just a few blocks from its former home. Many clients of the store (ourselves included) even offered to help with the move.

You can probably tell by now that our connection with the store is based on relationship, not transaction. The most successful businesses know this to be a key to modern success and they never gamble relationship, particularly among their base of clients.

Today, there will be a community-organized party at your store in The Glebe. The party is to celebrate the contribution of the most experienced members of your staff. You have decided today is their last with you. We, and many others, will be there to thank them for their support and contributions. Beginning tomorrow we, and those same families, will abandon Pet Valu since it put transaction ahead of relationship.

Best of luck,