It opens like this…

In the early morning on June 13, 2011, a group of 181 professional communicators from all ends of the earth gathered in a meeting room at the IABC World Conference in San Diego, California to re-write the book on employee communication. A remarkable 500+ ideas were generated in just 40 minutes.

And that’s how I became a co-author of a collaborative book. The contributors were electrified considering the 8am start. Ask any participant and they’d probably tell you the time flew. Plus, it was a great experience absorbing ideas from diverse environments, cultures and structures. Tim McCleary and Jim Rush from did a fantastic job facilitating the session and pulling the book together.

The book itself is essentially a guide of prompts, answering questions designed to help communicators think of ways to creatively and effectively reach employees on themes such as reputation, team-building and change. In fact, each prompt could easily be the launching point of a unique blog post.

Recognizing the book has applications in almost any environment, I think I’ll treat it as a resource for my own blog, likely tying my ideas to public affairs and politics – because that’s how I roll.

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