Cancer took Senator Doug Finley today. He was 66 years old. My condolensces to his wife MP Diane Finley and daughter Siobhan. Losing a loved one is difficult enough. Watching cancer carry out its perverse work is devastating.

Most of the online mentions of Senator Finley were respectful. At least 41% were positive towards the Senator and his family. Political players of all stripes (including Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau) expressed their condolensces, reflected on their experiences and friendships with him, and some even suggested people will partake of a “wee dram of Famous Grouse” in his honour.


Unfortunately, the social web is not entirely versed in social graces. As of 8:30pmET 49 people took the opportunity to take inappropriate partisan shots at the Senator in 79 tweets which crossed a line. Some of those tweets even drew criticism from journalists.


I conducted sentiment analysis based on specific terms and feel the following report is fairly accurate.


Analysis performed using Marketwired/Sysomos Heartbeat and MAP.