I had the privilege of being a guest of CBC’s national affairs program The Current with Jennifer Hollett and Matt Gurney this morning. Rick Macinnes Rae facilitated a discussion on the use of social media by politicians. Naturally, with only 15 minutes allocated to the discussion, we really only scratched the surface, and I’ve received some follow-up comments and remarks on the subject. So, I thought I’d share a primer to introduce you to some of the MANY ways social media have been used and misused by politicians over the last few years.

  1. My MP digital makeover series in which I analyse and review the “digital ecosystems” of Canadian MPs
  2. Conversations with Preston Manning, Marc Garneau, Charlie Angus and Dan Albas
  3. Cult of Political Personality:  thoughts on the #DayInTheLife and ways politicians can communicate a more human side online
  4. Digital Eye Contact and the use of Google Hangouts by Tony Clement to connect with the public
  5. Analysis of the Your Interview with Prime Minister Harper
  6. Integrating the Internet and online engagement in real-world town hall meetings and tours
  7. Download a copy of Matters of Opinion, a report produced by Full Duplex on how online information and interactions in social media are shaping Canadian opinions