Mark is a natural speaker that lights up the room when he speaks.
His presentation had the right combination of knowledge, imagination and entertainment.
A. Vargas, Ipsos Reid

Mark was fantastic, I would have liked to hear more from him. Very relevant.
Public Affairs Officer, Government of Alberta

A truly eye opening speech; thought provoking. I will definitely look at marketing in a new light.
D. Picard, City of Ottawa

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Speaking topics

  • TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization – Based on the book of the same name that I co-authored with Tod Maffin, clients can choose from a number of presentations covering the role of humanity in our growing technologically-driven organizations; from small business and community groups, to associations and enterprises. Sessions are tailored to leadership, communications, marketing, customer service, web/social, human resources and legal dealings.
  • Matters of Opinion: Social Media and Changing Minds – Making contact with opinions and attitudes is very different from impacting consumer purchase decisions. Reaching an individual and prompting them to challenge the way they think about a particular idea or issue is a far more delicate activity than pitching them on a new piece of technology. Matters of Opinion combines real-world stories and examples to outline effective steps for reaching people and prompting them to think and act differently. This talk is well-suited to leaders, organizations, companies and associations who engage in information and advocacy campaigns, and/or face criticism.
  • Peace, Order and Googleable Government – Lawn signs have been replaced by avatars, rallies have been replaced by Twitter storms and politicians are making online connections with constituents, issue stakeholders and the media. The face of democratic engagement and political action has changed significantly. Peace, Order and Googleable Government showcases how politicians are using the online tools to reach the public and how the public are using online tools to influence public policy. This talk is well-suited to politicians, political action and issues groups, industry associations and government departments and agencies, and political candidates.
  • Breaking Down the Silos: How digital is changing communications and public affairs – The rise of social media, the compressed news cycle and digital culture are all changing the face of public affairs. This session is adapted from my research and coupled with my experience as a panelist at the Breaking Down the Silos event which involved over 40 communications professionals considering the future of the communications industry. This talk is well-suited to leaders, communicators and creative teams looking to effect change.
  • Onramps to Digital Engagement - Digital profiles accrue over many small interactions. In this presentation I explore digital communications and how outreach and content in a variety of forms (text, audio and video) can be used as onramps to engagement and relationship building.
  • Content Paleontology: One approach to media production workflow and creative process - I’ve created a lot of multimedia content over the years. Most of my production work involves helping others tell their own story. I’ve become very comfortable with an approach to audio and video production that allows stories to reveal themselves instead of relying on a writing and production team to decide how stories should be written and presented.

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