130526-IdleNoMore-firsttweetThe IdleNoMore movement was officially declared in a November 23rd tweet issued by Jessica Gordon. That means the movement celebrated its six month last week. It was a week which saw an increase in Twitter activity among the hashtags #IdleNoMore and #NativeWinter and phrase “Idle No More”.

For the last six months I’ve been following online chatter related to — and pinned to — the movement. I’ve published regular analysis which considers trends in activity, issues discussed, gender skews and popular tweets. My weekly updates have been diligently followed by people interested in the movement; those who support it and those who are affected by its actions. My analysis has been both praised and criticized.

The movement is a first in many ways for Canada, the world and most certainly for First Nations peoples. Among other things, it gave a voice to people who largely didn’t have a voice. And, it allowed their voices to be amplified through democratized media and subsequently raised their profile through traditional media.

There is a wealth of information to be considered by campaign and movement organizers, and those who are the target of criticism. Full Duplex has been analyzing online activity and we are in the midst of pulling together a report we plan to publish in early June. One of our many findings is that as the movement itself seemed to lose its online energy, an increasing number of people began opportunistically using the popular hashtag as a catch-all for all forms of anti-government and anti-corporate sentiment. There was also a noticeable amount of completely unrelated content tagged with #IdleNoMore. In some ways this evolution of the hashtag marginalized the voices of those who created it.

What follows is the analysis of Idle No More online activity for May 19 through 25, inclusive. Analysis was performed using Marketwired/Sysomos Heartbeat.

Tweets Sources Average
May 19 1,190 556 2.1
May 20 2,225 963 2.3
May 21 1,206 620 1.9
May 22 968 478 2.0
May 23 890 468 1.9
May 24 995 539 1.8
May 25 1,029 436 2.4

Bolstered by the Senate scandal and Prime Minister Harper’s (mis)handling of it, the following posted a rise in activity:

  • News mentions down 62% (from 60 to 97)
  • Twitter mentions up 18% (from 7,214 to 8,503)
  • YouTube mentions up 13% (from 22 to 25)
  • Forum mentions, including Reddit, up 8% (from 55 to 51)
  • Blog mentions up 1% (from 94 to 95)
  • Facebook mentions up marginally (from 226 to 227)

Posing a fall in activity:

  • n/a

The 8,503 tweets issued this past week came from 2,868 unique Twitter accounts; an average of 2.9 tweets per account. The number of participants increased 13% from last week’s analysis.

In all, online mentions were up 10% from the previous week.


The three Twitter accounts which issued the most tweets tagged #IdleNoMore, #NativeWinter or including the text “Idle No More” were @teamrevoltnow (1,167, up from 1,086 last week), @idlenomoreyeg (182, up from 174) and @joanie399 (170, up from 157). They combine for 1,519 tweets or 18% of relevant tweets for the week (down 2% over the previous week). To contextualize their contributions, @teamrevoltnow issued the equivalent of 167 tweets on average for each day last week, @idlenomoreyeg 26 and @joanie399 24.

Among the more common themes this past week include oil and gas (keystone), indigenous rights (racism), days of action in Vancouver and Edmonton (YEG) and Bill C-45 which served as the tipping point for the creation of the Idle No More movement. Mentions also included the campaign to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier.

The following buzzgraph illustrates the connection between key terms in the most active conversations. The stronger the connection between the words, the thicker and bolder the connection line. There are three levels of connection illustrated by a thick solid line (strong), a thin solid line (medium) and a thin broken line (light). The Buzzgraph that follows shows only two degrees of connection during the election campaign — strong and light.


The top tweet for this report was issued by @canadianglen. His May 20 tweet which links to the Sisters in Spirit page of Voices-Voix.ca has been retweeted 66 times and 11 people indicated it as a favourite.