No touching

No touching

It’s all in the delivery, and Thomas Mulcair’s begs the question “has anyone in this caucus even seen a banana stand?”

Every damn time!

I guess I like smart television. Which is too bad, really. Every damn time (Arrested Development reference, see below) I learn about a great television show worth watching, it’s either just been cancelled or labeled by network executives as ‘too smart for...

Baby, you got a stew going!

Cooking is not my favourite activity. Most of the dinners I make involve pasta, vegetables and sauce from a jar. I know! My contribution is at the bbq and the occasional fit of inspiration when I immerse myself in making sweet potato quesadillas — thank you...

Are you kidding? I love the Bluths!

Andrea and I share a special language and elevated understanding of the world thanks to the TV show Arrested Development. Despite the fact it lasted only two-and-a-half seasons. the dialog and context of the show is the gift that keeps on giving. Thankfully, word is...

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