Speaking at IABC World Conference

Speaking at IABC World Conference

As evidenced by my sudden drop in blog posts, May turned out to be a particularly busy month. In fact, June will also be busy.

Next weekend I’m off to San Diego for the IABC 2011 World Conference. I’ll be part of a session taking place Sunday, June 12 from 12:30pm-1:45pm on the Media & Public Relations track. Besides delivering a presentation which will summarize some of the research and analysis I did with Sysomos during the election, I’ll be on a panel with Sysomos dynamo Nygel Weishar and former Liberal Party digital communications specialist Gosia Radaczynska.

A Flash in the Pan: Finding Gold in Social Media Traffic Mined During Canada’s Federal Election

Traditional politics and public affairs strategy and tactics will never change. However, digital has introduced the most aggressive evolution in the way campaigns are—or should be—run. Will the momentum of online participation and engagement from the recent Canadian federal election carry over and become part of the 41st session of its Parliament? Will MPs follow-through on their activities and commit to a meaningful and ongoing dialogue with constituents, stakeholders and other publics? This panel will share their experience monitoring and analyzing online conversations, including insights from social media post-election and how the digital evolution will impact a 73 year old law.

Jack Layton’s 19.3% increase in online share of voice

It’s been a little over a week since the election which means I’m finally striking a better balance of family, work and research — at least, better than the period of March 26 though May 2.

I have a few interested post-election research projects and reports in the works. I’m not able to share the findings of either at this time, though I will when the reports are ready to be published. I will tell you this… one can manually categorize about 250 tweets per hour, as many as 400 if you identify a tweet that’s been retweeted more than 50 times. I call those lucky breaks because they make for visible progress when any progress is hard to imagine. How so? There were 1,200 tweets between 7:00pmET and 7:08pmET on election night. That’s five hours of coding to recognize eight minutes of online activity.

Let me know if you’re interested in helping categorize the tweets for credit in the reports.

I’ve been asked to share the process by which I gathered the data. And, I will share that in a future post (thanks for the reminder @markdjarvis)

Today, I thought it would be interesting to illustrate what we all suspected during the election. That is, Jack Layton was a marginal online entity in the first seven days (15.2% during March 26 through April 2) of the election…

…and a “player” in the final full week (34.5%, a 19.3% increase during April 24 through April 30), albeit helped a bit by mentions associated with the smear campaign.

It’s interesting to note that Stephen Harper’s share of voice remained essentially static (dropping only 1.2%) and Elizabeth May gained 2% while Michael Ignatieff suffered the biggest decrease in mentions (down 12.3%) and Gilles Duceppe lost 2.6%.

With the exception of the smear campaign, the final week of the election saw most issues trail off from electrified activity to a dull hum, making way for more discussion about leaders and the campaign that surprised everyone.

An amazing team

I was part of something amazing today.

Bigger than the election.

Bigger than the digital analysis that found its way on to my blog and Twitter stream today.

I was part of a team that tracked thousands of tweets, parsed through the noise and shared statistics noone else was gathering and sharing. It’s an effort I could not have have done on my own.

I am grateful for the contributions of Ellis Westwood, Stephanie Brooks, and Sysomos genius Nygel Weishar who supported us and provided some fantastic statistical support from Toronto.

Thank you!

I’ll continue to share analysis, insight and findings gathered by this team over the coming days.

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